Protect yourself by protecting your skin!

14th Apr 2020

Protect yourself by protecting your skin!

The advice currently is to wash your hands 

as much as possible and if you have a hand sanitiser use that too.
However, that is not always practical or sustainable in everyday life as we are constantly having to grab, hold or touch surfaces, frequent washing as a matter of good hygiene helps to some degree, but against infection and re-infection, unlikely, unless you lock yourself away in an clean room and don't go out and who's going to do that!

For example:

You just washed your hands, now you dry them (probably on a towel that others have used) then, rub in some sanitiser, (probably alcohol based gel) if you have sanitiser that is!... BUT... here is the problem; Now you have to go about your daily business grabbing door handles, stairway bannisters and so on, therefore, if someone else infected that same spot that was just cleaned 2 minutes ago and you touch it... You just got re-infected in the blink of an eye, so what are you going to do? run back to wash your hands again or keep re-applying standard sanitiser every time you touch a surface that you're not sure of?.. if you did that you would be washing and sanitising like a maniac hundreds of times a day!

First of all... Gel based alcohol evaporates off the skin too quickly before it can destroy pathogens effectively, secondly, it seriously dries out the skin and causes a lot of irritation, that makes you scratch and that leads to sore hands and cracking of the skin, which in turn leads to infection and an easier path for further infection... it's a vicious circle and a never ending nightmare!

As explained before TRANSFER is the real problem and almost impossible to control no matter how hard you try.

So, what is the only realistic solution to this problem?

1) You need a protective barrier on the "just cleaned" surface that will continue to kill any new contamination of that site for many hours after the initial clean & kill... AKTIVORA does just that! continues to kill pathogens long after application. (Our 750ml trigger spray "DAILY PROTOCOL" for home and workplace does that).

2) YOU must ALSO become the barrier, by applying our 'Super Sanitiser for Hands with Active Barrier Control', you can also wipe around the mouth area and into the nostrils for maximum protection, so if by chance you touch a contaminated surface, then the active barrier on you hands will not allow pathogens to survive and if you unconsciously touch around your mouth area, there's some protection there too.

3) So, what does AKTIVORA Super Sanitiser for Hands do?. It protects you between hand washes, which means you don't need to wash hands as frequently, There are times when you absolutely DO need to wash your hands of course and that's fine, just remember to re-apply our sanitiser between washes, because the active barrier on your skin is protecting you against further infection if you touch contaminated surfaces, so, simply be mindful, why would you wash off the active barrier unless you really must?.. Instead, just rub in a little more of our sanitiser and you're good to go! do this periodically as needed throughout the day and there is NO better protection for you.

Our product is non-alcohol based and infused with natural oils to leave your skin conditioned and supple with no irritation or drying of the skin.

Use it to wipe over your "touch spots" at home too, door handles, car steering wheel & handles, toilet flush etc.

If you wear a mask, then you can create a super effective mask by spraying the inside and outside of it, transforming it into the most efficient and effective mask on the planet!

This is the best advice we can suggest to really get a grip and destroy this virus globally.

Note: If you are using sanitisers other than ours, then you absolutely must continue with a frequent hand washing regime.