​Treating and preventing infections is becoming very expensive

17th Apr 2020

​Treating and preventing infections is becoming very expensive

Treating and preventing infections is becoming very expensive, that is an undeniable fact, particularly more so with the increasing rate of Antibiotic Resistant Micro-organisms (Super Bugs).

The financial and personal cost of these infections, in terms of the economic consequences to the world and the physical, social and psychological costs to patients and the irrelative is devastating.

There is a large variation in infection rates throughout the world and we are without a doubt, losing the battle against these infections.

The W.H.O has recently launched a program to try to reduce the Billions in costs caused by infections around the world by the year 2020.

Therefore,any product that can effectively reduce infection must be considered as a solution to reducing and eliminating these huge costs.

The Current Cost?

As an example, E-Colial one costs the world $ Billions a year, this is not including the costs of tackling MRSA, Noro virus and other common infections.

In addition to this is the cost of Staff illness, Patient recovery times, Ward or bay closures, bed blocking, decontamination and treatment of effected areas and delays in treatment all of which are the knock-on effects of an infection outbreak.

The true cost is more than money, where do you put the cost to the individual affected in lost time, worry, pain, suffering and sadly on many occasions, an untimely death?

The incidence of claims against global health services has increased year on year and will continue to do so unless this problems is addressed immediately and in an effective manner


AKTIVORA is a revolutionary and innovative Super Sanitizer and Multipurpose cleaning product that can completely destroy ALL bacteria/pathogens and hugely improve the prevention of infections within hospitals, clinics and surgeries, nursing homes, hotels, food preparation areas, schools, animal housing, toilets, gyms and many more applications, the list is endless!

AKTIVORA is cost effective, compared to many other expensive cleaning products that are not as efficient or effective. Thus saving you time and money, especially when the finances are tight and the bottom line is key to any business, AKTIVORA is the most economical product to use on the planet, as a little goes an extremely long way!

Cheaper end products are a FALSE ECONOMY and become extremely expensive if they don’t work, or do the job they are intended for!

The continuous use of AKTIVORA can result in reduced incidence of infection, reduced cost of preventing infection and reduced costs of maintaining clean, infection free environments all with one easy to use product